Our company

Dayton, Ohio is an innovation capitol of the world - we are a vibrant community home to many firsts:

- The first airplane

- The first electric street lighting system

- The first cash register

And now, Dayton is the home to Orion Utilities, llc!

Founded: 2006

Orion Utilities, llc was created in 2006 by Evan A. Hagberg in response to the Dayton Power and Light Company's need for a service vendor that could provide true quality and efficiency. With only four employees and one service pickup truck, our company had very modest beginnings. Our first year of operation brought many challenges to overcome and valuable lessons to learn. We quickly expanded our service territory and scope of operations, adding new employees and increasing our abilities to include duties that previously had not been assigned to contracted vendors. Orion persevered and became the company of choice to meet DP&L's difficult and ever-changing operational requirements.

Expansion: 2007 - 2010

Over the next few years, Orion developed into the strong company we are today. We made our name known not only to Dayton but to many surrounding areas by meeting challenges head-on and developing innovative business strategies. We grew in size from our first 4 employees to 13 full and part-time technicians, constantly training and updating our safety practices, staying ahead of competitors and the electric industry.

When Dayton Power and Light experienced difficulties with its first mass electric meter upgrade project in Wilmington, Ohio, Orion Utilities was selected to correct errors and complete the task. By effectively utilizing our well experienced technicians and bringing our wide array of resources to the project, Orion Utilities completed the project under budget and well before the target completion date. By correcting many mistakes that occurred early in the project Orion provided the template for success now applied to all future mass meter upgrade projects.

2009 & 2010 brought many of the greatest and most successful changes to our company. Orion was requested to take on a much larger operational territory, nearly doubling our size and scope within a few short weeks. Orion meter reading operations were initiated across the entire Dayton Power and Light system of over 500,000 customers. We also greatly expanded our field collections and service duties to many more areas previously unworked by Orion. Our performance and efficiency metrics were proven to be well above what even the industry "in-house" employees had ever been able to provide.

New Additions: 2011 - 2012

2011 & 2012 have been Orion Utilities' most astounding years to date. We expanded our workforce to 22 full and part-time technicians, took on new contracts and customers with Miami Valley Lighting and The Dayton Power and Light Company. We also made our single largest investment in the company ever - our first bucket truck!

In April 2011 Orion began street lighting services for well over 20 municipalities and private companies, and was also awarded the largest mass electric meter upgrade project undertaken in the region. By meeting every need of our customers and carefully managing our growth and operations, Orion Utilities, llc has become the company of choice for a variety of duties across several industries.

Orion Utilities was even featured in a story on public radio program American Public Media: Marketplace Money involving the false stereotypes about older and younger workers in today's economy. Orion was able to provide insight to the story as our workforce is quite generationally diverse. You can listen to the segment here, or follow the link below: